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Male Boudoir Posing Tips

Boudoir photography isn’t just for women. Male Boudoir photography can be and should be a journey of self-discovery, a chance to explore your strength and vulnerability in a safe and empowering space. 

Maybe you feel a disconnect between the persona you project and the person you long to be on the inside.  Perhaps a spark has faded in your life, leaving a void of vulnerability and unexpressed desires. You’re not alone.  

We all have those moments when we question ourselves, wondering where our authentic internal self is. But what if there was a way to channel and remember and revel in the person you know you are on the inside?  Male boudoir photography isn’t about capturing physical perfection with uncomfortable posing or forced flexes. It’s about capturing the range of emotion that makes you, you. 

If you’re curious about boudoir photography and considering booking a session, here are some boudoir posing ideas for men.

Male Boudoir Posing Tips 

I like to think about posing in a flow from confidently formally dressed >  playfully undressing > flirty casual dress to maybe eventually getting into undies in a vulnerable, still confident way. 

Start near a window so that the light hits you from the side. 

Get into the mood! Clear your space, your mind. Put on a playlist, put your phone on, do not disturb. 

You don’t have to look at the camera for every picture. 

Dressed & Confident

Partners like to see us making an effort in our appearance. Of course, what a formal dress means will vary from person to person. 

  • 1: Stand tall in a crisp shirt and tailored pants, lean against a window with a confident, determined look. 
  • 2: Sit on a stool in a classic chair pose, legs crossed, one hand on knee, chin up and show that self-assurance. 
  • 3: Close-up of your face, a longing expression, hands in your hair, on the jawline, or on your neck (where you like to be touched) 

Massachusetts men's boudoir photography

Revealing Flirt 

Here are a few male boudoir poses that get to be a bit more playful.

  • 4: Unbutton or unzip your shirt halfway, revealing a hint of skin. Look away from the camera. And back
  • 5: Playfully adjust a tie or hat, eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief, a slight smile.
  • 6: Lean against a wall, barefoot, hands on your partially open shirt, chin down with a teasing smile.

Massachusetts men's boudoir photography

  • 7: Look through your lashes with a slight smile, holding a book/prop related to your interests. 

Casual Desire 

Boudoir poses in more of a casual setting and style

  • 8: Get barefoot in relaxed clothing (jeans and t-shirt), reclining on a couch with eyes closed, hands gliding along your body, soaking in an internal moment of contentment.
  • 9: Sit on a bed, leaning back on your elbows with a confident grin, shirt open but still partially dressed.

boston massachusetts boudoir photos for men

  • 10: Sit on the floor, leaning back against the wall, hands touching jawline, mouth, neck, wardrobe.


  • Don’t stop yourself from laughing – Those candid moments of real joy, and genuine expressions are amazing. 

boston men's boudoir photo shoot tattoo


Closing Out: Male Boudoir Posing Tips

Hope the above ideas sparked something for your next photoshoot! The most important aspect is to create a safe and comfortable space for you to explore your vulnerability, strength, and all beautiful facets of human emotion. 

These ideas for male boudoir poses can be customized further to your personality and comfort level. The key is to create a variety of images that capture your vulnerability, strength, unique personality, and most importantly, your newfound confidence.

At Modern Muse, we know that intimate portraits can be an empowering experience for all humans. All of us want to feel confident, desired, joyful and absolutely at home in their own skin regardless of gender. Learn more about male boudoir in Boston.

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