Motherhood will transform your life. Physically and emotionally. Document your journey into parenthood with a series of portraits. As our bodies become mothers, we grow in ways both physically (that belly!) and emotionally. In each of our life milestones, we step into the unknown. A new us awaits. We have some maternity boudoir photography ideas as a way to mark this incredible step on our journey.?

We are always thrilled to work with moms-to-be on their maternity boudoir photos! There are maternity portraits and then there are boudoir maternity sessions. You may have had ideas about doing a maternity boudoir session before you were pregnant, or when you were pregnant with your first but when it?s all happening it can be hard to think of that changing body as beautiful. Your maternity boudoir session will make you remember this special time in your life.

You may have waited for years for this brief few months – and it?s worth commemorating. Now let’s dive right into some maternity boudoir photography ideas for your upcoming photo shoot.

Maternity Boudoir Photography Ideas to Consider

The whole point of doing a maternity boudoir photography session is documenting the change in your body – and the focus will be on your changed body. Intimate portrait sessions, like maternity boudoir photography, are the perfect way to remember this time in your life. ?Here are some maternity boudoir photography ideas and things to keep in mind.

Your Mindset Matters:

Your body has changed.? There?s no doubt about that. You may have bigger breasts, you certainly have a bigger belly. You may have stretch marks (tiger stripes), cellulite, you may be retaining water – and that is all ok. It?s to be expected. Pregnancy is a time to let your body be as it is – to accept and embrace the changes that are underway.?


Timing of Pregnancy:

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 32-36 weeks. But if you’re a human, and I assume if you are reading this you are, you know that our bodies are all a bit different – so the exact timing for the fullest belly and the most comfort will depend on how quickly your body is changing. We suggest to start planning and book your photographer around the 5-month5 month mark so you can get the photographer you want.



Change happens fast in the last weeks of pregnancy.? Moving or staying still can become difficult and you might be uncomfortable in certain poses or take longer to move between them. The good news is that most maternity posing is gentle. If you need to move, shift weight or take a break – tell your photographer.?



Decide on a look and a color palette.? A floor-length lace dress, something that hugs all your new curves, maxi dresses and off the shoulder top and dresses are popular. Dresses, an off the shoulder cozy sweater, lingerie and a beautiful robe that can drape over your belly or be translucent so light can come through to create a silhouette – all of these work well for a maternity boudoir shoot.? Have a color or color palette in mind. Whatever you choose to wear, the point is to show off the change in your body and in your belly.



Since the focus of your maternity boudoir shoot is the belly, let?s not let anything divert attention from that. Stick with solid colors to focus the attention on your shape. Neutrals (ivory, ecru, blush, navy) are always a good bet.?



Form-fitting clothes with a little stretch will give a beautiful silhouette. Flowing and draping clothes can also flatter, choose dresses and shirts with an empire waist.?

Most sleeve lengths will work, though strapless, long sleeve and sleeveless work best.?

If you?ll be showing off a bare belly, wear loose clothing prior to the portrait session so you don?t have any marks on your belly.?



It?s always about texture and drape and variety. Silk, rayon and cotton fabrics flow and drape beautifully around a pregnant body. Sheer fabrics


Sexy Maternity Lingerie

Being pregnant can be sexy.? Here are our favorite options for your maternity boudoir shoot.









Want some additional maternity boudoir photography ideas? Our Boston boudoir photography studio can help. Contact us today, and we can get started shooting photos.

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