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Tune Into Your Senses

Tune Into Your Senses

We believe that all people are beautiful ? and we LOVE creating and holding a space for our Muses to have an amazing experience where they can both be truly themselves and see themselves truly. ?

body positive boudoir boston

We want to showcase YOU and your unique beauty and give you an amazing boudoir experience. We don’t want to transform you but to affirm you. ?We want to revel in the best parts of you. We don?t make you into someone you aren?t. What would be the point of that? This experience is to celebrate you. ?If you are doing this for yourself or doing it for a partner – it is about embracing all of who you are – a beautiful and complex and worthy person.

The people who love you see you this way. ?You should too.

body positive boudoir boston

Part of this experience to hold space for you to be fully in your body – and enjoy yourself. ?So often we live in our own heads. It?s time to prioritize you! Were you waiting for permission to indulge in radical acts of self-love? ?It?s been granted.

We are all sensual beings – here are a few things that you can do to help you check out of your head and into your body. ?

body positive boudoir boston


Take a deep breath. Now. ?Right now. And again when you need it. ?Full and complete breath. Close your eyes if you want to. ?Fill your body with each breath and exhale any anxieties.



Be your own witness. ?Note your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. ?What you bring to the table is important. It is valuable.

body positive boudoir boston


Slow down and notice sounds, tastes, smells, touch and visuals around you. Paying attention to your senses and what they are experiencing will renew and strengthen your sensual side. Give yourself permission to experience pleasure in any of its forms.

body positive boudoir boston


Exfoliate and moisturize your body – take some time to touch and cherish your skin. ?Think of it as your own daily massage. In or after the shower, begin a ritual of honoring and expressing gratitude toward both your physical body and your loving soul. ?Add in your own affirmations if you want to. This is a slow meditation of feeling yourself.

body positive boudoir boston


Give yourself permission to take pleasure in all of the above.

body positive boudoir boston


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