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What To Bring To A Boudoir Shoot

what to wear at your boudoir session boston fine art photographer What To Bring To A Boudoir Shoot

The single most important thing to remember as you plan what you will wear to your session? The best thing you can wear is confidence.? So how do you be confident?

Get comfortable.? You aren?t obligated to bring a certain style of outfit just because this is boudoir.? Lingerie is not your thing? There are so many other options!


We also challenge you to try something that might be unfamiliar.? The greatest transformations happen when we step outside our comfort zones.? So, don?t hesitate to pack a bag to bring to your shoot! If a piece sings to your soul, pack it.? If a different piece is beautiful and also maybe gives you butterflies–pack that, too.

We will play and experiment with different looks until we find the perfect combination of outfits that speak to you as an individual and that make you feel beautiful!

fine art boston boudoir what to wear

The number one thing to remember about wardrobe?? Fit is everything. You will want to make sure the pieces you bring in fit you well – supporting and revealing.? Check to make sure the items you choose aren?t too large with excess fabric.? And that they aren?t too small and restrictive.? Your selections should hug your curves in ways that highlight what you love about your body – not cut into your curves.

If you wear a bra, you find a specialty bra/lingerie stores (like 40 Winks in Cambridge) or a Nordstrom and ask for help from the expert fitter in the lingerie department. There are also online retailers that can do virtual fittings like Le Boudoir.

There are all the cuts and styles and lines to properly fit different bodies and breast types. Talk with the people who know different bands to find the cut and style that works best for your body!

what to wear at your boudoir session boston fine art photographer

If you love the idea of a bra/panty set, but want some fun ideas on how to make it a little more interesting and fun, let’s layer.? For a classic look, you can add a garter belt or a pair of thigh highs.? You can add a peignoir or robe to a bra/panty set or a sheer shirt.?

what to wear at your boudoir session boston fine art photographer

Bodysuits are some of our absolute favorite type of outfit to photograph! Why? They look amazing on every body! Bodysuits are right for you if you want to show off your shoulders, neck, upper back, legs, and curves without highlighting your stomach.? Bodysuits are typically sold in sizes XS-XL or 1X-5X, though some are sold in pant sizes.? Make sure that it is form fitting and hugs your body.

what to wear at your boudoir session boston fine art photographer

Choose pieces that are cut to highlight your favorite physical features. If you love your chest, choose a lower cut or asymmetrical neckline. If you are totally diggin? your back, choose something backless or that has a low swoop in the back. If you want to show off your collarbones and shoulders, choose pieces that have singular straps (like bra straps) instead of a halter (which mask collar bones). But if you are all about those shoulders, that’s where racer backs and halters come in.?

what to wear at your boudoir session boston fine art photographer

Where to shop for your boudoir shoot?

Start in your own closet!

1. COTTON BRALETTE SETS:? Like a bra/panty set with a more laid back, comfy/sporty vibe.? Cut to look like a sports bra, you can have more coverage up top, and you can opt for a thong or cheeky cut bottom if you want to show off your bum.? These come in a variety of colors, cuts, and styles and are undeniably sexy and yet maintaining a low-key vibe.

2. A SIMPLE TEE: Nothing reads Babe Without Trying like a comfy tee that falls off the shoulder. I suggest that you bring something in a neutral color that drapes well.? Pair this with a pair of jeans or just your undies and you?ve got another great outfit.

It?s easy to get so wrapped up in the excitement (and maybe slight anxiety) of shopping for outfits for your session, that you forget about all the possibilities you may already own.? Checking your own wardrobe is a great way to infuse your personality into your session in an authentic way.

When consulting your closet, go with your gut. If you love a piece but just aren?t sure if it works, bring it! We will go through what you bring and help narrow down when you arrive!

fine art boston boudoir photographer what to wear to a boudoir session

Pieces you may already own that make?for unique outfits in addition to underwear:

  • Sheer shirt
  • Tank top
  • Crop top
  • loose, slinky dress with a low cut back
  • Denim jacket
  • Distressed jeans
  • High waisted shorts/pants
  • Sweaters, cardigans for texture and coziness
  • Skirts: denim, leather, high waisted look amazing
  • Shape-wear
  • Swimsuits that could pass for a sporty bodysuit (which they are!) or bra/panty

fine art boston boudoir photographer what to wear to a boudoir session

We dare you to bring at least one outfit that scares you just a bit.? Let’s see what happens!

And of course you can always just use a sheet!fine art boston glamour portraits

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Whatever your style is, whatever your comfort level, this quiz helps you find the right look just for you to express yourself. So let’s get this party started!

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