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Why You Don?t Need To Lose Weight Before Your Boudoir Session

boudoir photographer natural lightWhy You Don?t Need To Lose Weight Before Your Boudoir Session


You don’t need to lose weight first. Most people avoid the camera. And the reasoning they give the most often is that they have to lose 5 . . . 10 . . . 20 pounds. They say it so much that they believe it. Believe me, you don?t need to lose weight to look smokin? in your portraits. ?It?s my job to use the right posing, lighting and lens choices to make you look amazing. It?s your job to commit, to show up and to have fun. ?


You have it in you. ?Don’t wait to be photographed. ?Do it now! With great coaching, posing, and lighting your body will look fabulous and you will, too!


Boudoir is for people of all ages and body types. It?s not about the size you wear. ?It?s about the joy in which you inhabit your body.


boudoir photographer natural light

When you look at your images – don?t compare them with what you think you should look like. Look for you. ?For yourself. Don?t look for your flaws, for the extra pounds, look at yourself with love.

No one has a flawless face or body. ?Your Modern Muse session is not about getting to flawless – it?s about accentuating the positive – focusing on all the good stuff. ?Finding the beauty and love within you.


Why let any of these things keep you from seeing you beautiful and amazing you are? ?

This is all about embracing radical inclusivity and creating images that are outrageously sexy.


Birthmarks, tiger stripes, lightning strikes, ?etc. They are a part of you. We can minimize them if you prefer. But we can also love them, as a reminder you what you earned; your life in your own body.

Give your body patience and gratitude. ?It?s taken you this far!


We can keep it modest. ?Beautiful textures, dramatic necklines, amazing jewelry or headpieces – it doesn’t have to be all about skin. Modest sound good? ?As you wish.

Remember this isn?t about walking around in your underwear in front of a stranger. ?You can have more clothes on. Or all your clothes on, if you prefer.

I love my work as portrait photographers because I am motivated by a desire to help people see their inner spirit and their outer beauty. ?Every Modern Muse portrait session is unique because it?s a celebration of your spirit, of your beauty, of yourself. Celebrate your own authenticity! ?It?s magic!

Why do so many of us struggle with our self-image? (And I include myself here, even though the rational side of me knows that my life wouldn?t actually be better if I weighed the same as I did when I was 25). ?We compare our bodies, and then our lives, to the idealized figures we see advertised all around us. Sometimes we ignore our own self-care as other things in life take priority. Despite knowing better (and I KNOW we know better) we can let unrealistic physical expectations be internalized. Trying to fit into a model of perfection is impossible. ?Being yourself? Celebrating that? That?s possible.

So what is beautiful? What is sexy? You are. ?You are the total package already. Let me prove that to you!


boston boudoir photographer natural light

No, I don?t mean you need to be fit. ?Make sure what you bring it fits well. ?That is accentuated all your good stuff. ?If the size is driving you crazy as a numerical reminder that you’re not the size you once were or wish to be – cut out those tags. ?Find fabrics and textures and colors that make you feel beautiful. It?s that easy.

At Modern Muse, we that no one is flawless – so waiting until you look perfect or until you have the right person in your life to give these images to – is silly. ?While no one is flawless, all people are beautiful. It?s okay to go for it! Don?t wait for the perfect moment, the perfect body, the person partner. Carpe Diem!

Modern Muse is a celebration of you. ?

You can be bold, modest, sensual, funny, empowered, limitless, joyful, and always you. ?

You don?t need to diet or work out. ?

You do need to fully inhabit your body with love.

And you can totally do that.


Believe you can? ?Call me at 617-942-1449 to chat about ideas for your session, or learn more about our Boston Boudoir photography studio.


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