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Using Pinterest To Help Prepare For Your Boudoir Session

allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston

How Can Pinterest Help You Prepare For Your Boudoir Session

Yes, I’ll begin by acknowledging that this is a potential rabbit hole. And you may get lost for hours once you begin. But that said . . .whether you are doing a solo boudoir photo session or a couples boudoir session, it can be a challenge to verbalize the vibe and energy and look for your boudoir session that works for you.? And we never ever want your session to feel like a costume or like you are someone else.

allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston

As we plan your boudoir photo shoot, Pinterest can be key to helping you communicate what you are aiming for. Because I’m not expecting you all to know how to describe what you want – sometimes it’s easier to show it.?

There are a zillions of boudoir images on Pinterest to inspire and use as your boudoir mood board.? Sure, you could bounce around a lot of different photography websites, but obviously that would take forever.?

allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston

So I made a whole bunch of boards that feature Boudoir Archetypes. You can check them out right here:


allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston

You will instantly have PLENTY of images to just scroll through all in one spot.

Now start your own board. See something that fits your style, taste or personality? The mood you are going for? The vibe that feels like you? Pin it!? Save the images or links. And then you can share them with me. (or your photographer)? This will give us a general idea of what you are aiming for, as well as the type of poses you will be comfortable with.?

allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston


Most of us boudoir photographers don’t straight up copy other photographers? work? – but we draw inspiration from them and it helps us know how you are wanting your sensual self to show up.? Seriously, actually showing us examples is a great way for all of us to get on the same page. After all, this is YOUR boudoir session that is all about you.?


allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston


Does this mean that I won?t take you through my own flow and posing and breathing? Of course not. Do you have to do any poses that you aren?t comfortable with? Absolutely not! Each part of this is an invitation. For you to consider, to see if it feels right for you.


allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston


Finally, Pinterest is great for getting wardrobe inspiration. One of the most common questions after people book a sessions is ‘what do I wear?’? Pinterest can give you lots of ideas for wardrobe – and it doesn’t have to be only lingerie.


allbodiesaregoodbodies boudoir photo studio boston


If you feel you are having a hard time communicating exactly what you are looking for with this experience, or if you may even be unsure yourself because it something new to you, our Boudoir Archetype Pinterest Boards are a place to start!

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