"Thank you soooooo much!!!! You made me feel so comfortable and like a model.??The pictures are AMAZING. You did such an amazing job."


"Allana had great ideas from where we should shoot, what we should wear (via a shared Pinterest Board) and was a master at putting both of us at ease.? The experience was amazing!? Our photos came out beautifully- we both loved EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.? All of our friends who?ve seen our pictures have been raving about them and debating when to book their own."


"I wanted to thank you for being you a truly gentle lady. It?s been great working with you. It?s a big deal to me to conquer and overcome my insecurities. You made this possible for me! Thank you so much!?


"I was nervous about having portraits done with very little clothing on. however, Allana was the consummate professional. I am very pleased regarding the experience. The investment was worth it. Just seeing my husband of 17 years appreciate and adore the photos made it all worth while.This was an unexpected birthday treat for him. He could not imagine what was in the box and the way his eyes lit up when he realized what type of photos they were was priceless. My husband has always been very sexual and sensuous but since his birthday, I have caught him openly staring and looking at me appreciatively.?


"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience of working with you for the boudoir shoot. I still look at those pictures in disbelief of how beautiful they are. Thank you!!!?


"Thank you for your time, expertise and passion. It means a lot to me. May you continue to touch and transform lives, and be a part of so many important moments, as you have been for me.?


"Omg! These are beautiful! I love the contrast between the pictures. The one from the patio is stunning. I sent it to my boyfriend the other day to show him and I caught him with it as his background on his phone. 🙂 Thank you so much! I can?t wait to see more. They have already exceeded my expectations!?


"Allana is a real professional, she has a rare gift of making you feel comfortable, seen, appreciated, and understood. When you?re vulnerable, you want someone who gets you, who brings out the hidden and special ?you.? Allana did all of that - naturally, with ease, humor, and an organic positivity that seems to be her nature. The experience of the photo shoot was as valuable to me as the photos themselves. I felt like a star being taken care of by my best and most trusted friends. When I saw the photos, I couldn?t believe my eyes - or my hair, my skin, my smile, and the rest of me that appeared in the photos! They are spectacular.?


"Thank you SO much, Allana. We absolutely loved our morning spent with you. We had so much fun! You made us feel so comfortable and were so accommodating to us and to my anxieties. You are wonderful! These images make my heart sing.?


"I just looked at the pictures...you are an amazing photographer!! Really they are wonderful. I felt so comfortable and had a freakin? blast!?